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How To Start A Blog in 2022 – 5 Very Easy Steps For Beginners

Hello, Welcome to my blog!

If you want to learn how to start a blog in 2022 then you are at the right place. I am Blogging and Digital Marketing Coach, since 2010, Award-winning blogger, author and founder of this very blog that you’re reading right now. I’ve helped thousands of people start their own blogs in last few years. At this page you’ll get every micro detail about starting a blog and after completing this simple step-by-step guide you can start your own blog immediately and start your journey towards financial freedom as well.

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Ok, Let’s start creating your blog NOW!

When I started blogging, I made a lot of mistakes. It took me a lot of time to learn the stuff but now I have a ton of knowledge about creating and monetizing blogs.

Here, you’ll get advantage of my years of my blogging experience and knowledge so you won’t make the same mistakes that I made.

When you want to start a blog, you need to collect information from different websites and every website tells you a different story which is very much confusing.

To save your time and energy and to put you in the right direction, I have created this step-by-step guide that will teach you EVERYTHING about starting a blog in 5 easy steps.

Step #1: Find Your Niche (Blog Idea)

Niche selection is the very first step towards starting a blog.

You should pick only that topic for your blog, you are the most interested in.

The first element in niche selection is your passion & interest. you should have a high degree of interest in the topic you are going to write about.

The second element is the size of the niche because only passion is not enough. Your niche must have a huge audience interest also. If there is no audience then you won’t find anyone reading your blog. There must a good number of people searching for the topic you are writing about.

The third element is the feasibility of monetization. I call it ‘Monetization Potential‘. If your blog doesn’t have the potential to monetize then you won’t be able to generate any income.

So, your niche must have these three elements or simply pass these three tests:

  • Your passion
  • Size of the niche
  • Monetization Potential

To get in-depth information on how to perform these three tests, you should read our detailed guide on finding your niche for starting a blog. In this guide, you will learn how to use tools and software to perform these three tests and finalize your niche.

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Step #2: Choose a domain name

After you’ve finalised your niche you can think about the name of your blog and choose a domain name for your blog.

Now, you must be thinking what is domain?

A domain name is simply the address of your blog. For example, my domain name is It is also called the URL of the blog.

Anyone who knows your domain name can simply visit your website by entering the URL into the address bar.

There are many domain sellers that charge you from $10-$20 for a .com domain name. But I will show you how to get a domain name, completely FREE, so keep reading this post.

You must keep the following points in mind while deciding upon the domain name for your blog.

  • It should go with your niche and idea.
  • It should be short, memorable and easy to pronounce.
  • It should give you the freedom to expand your blog later on.
  • It should look good when you type it as a URL.
  • It should match the style of your writing and your audience.

But it doesn’t mean that you can buy any domain name you want.

Before you buy the domain name it must be available. That means, it must not have already been bought by someone. If someone has already bought your desired domain name then you should think about a different domain name.

Checking availability of Domain name

To check if your domain name is available or not, you can simply use, but REMEMBER, you should NOT buy the domain from them, because I will show you how to get it FREE from

Simply enter your domain name there and check if it is available or not.

If your desired domain name is not available then you’ll see the following message.

Now, you need to think about a new domain name or make little variations in domain name.

But don’t waste too much time in thinking about a domain name. I’ve seen that people waste many days or even weeks in thinking about a domain name.

I never spend more than few minutes to come up with a great domain name.

In case you can’t think a domain name, then simply send me a message here. I will help you registered a great domain name for your blog.

When you enter a domain name which is available and haven’t bought by someone yet, then you’ll see the following message on your screen.

But remember, do NOT buy domain name from Google. As I promised, I will show you how to get your domain name, completely FREE!

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Disclosure: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, the links are for the best software and tools you need to start a successful blog. For more information, you can read my affiliate commission disclosure over here.

Step #3: Buy a web hosting service

A web hosting service is required to store your blog files on the internet. It is a place where all of the files of your blog will be stored so that they can be accessed by anyone from any corner of the world.

So start a blog you need both i.e. a domain name and a web hosting service.

Choosing a right web hosting service is very much crucial for starting a successful blog. There are so many web-hosting services out there, but I recommend BlueHost. Why?

I recommend BlueHost due to the following obvious reasons:

  • I use bluehost myself: I use BlueHost from last 10 years and they are simply awesome. I host many websites on BlueHost
  • Top-notch customer service: They provide 24×7 online customer service. They are real professionals and they know how to solve customer’s problem.
  • Free Domain Name: They not only provide World’s no. 1 hosting service but they also provide you a free domain name. You can save minimum $15 on a domain name when you buy their hosting.
  • Economical Pricing: They offer you great pricing. It is just $2.95/month (billed for one year). Trust me, if we talk about the cost, then this is nothing for what you are getting. They offer you a completely FREE domain name which is itself worth of $15.
  • Money back Guarantee: They offer you full 30-days money back guarantee. But I am sure, you won’t ask for it. because their service is simply great!

I strongly recommend BlueHost, not because I use them but because they are simply the best web-hosting service on the globe.

To buy a domain name and web-hosting on website, simply visit their website and click ‘Get Started’ button on their website.

You will see the plans available on the next window.

Simply choose ‘Basic’ plan because as a beginner it is more than enough for you.

To help my blog readers, I’ve made special arrangement with BlueHost. If you visit Bluehost through my link here, you’ll get a special discount of more than 65%. So, to save your money, simply visit BlueHost through this Deep Discount Link.

Generally, the price of BlueHost Basic Plan is $4.95/month, but when you visit through my link, you will see a price tag of $2.95/month only.

On the next window, you’ll be asked to enter your domain name. Simply enter a domain name that you’ve already decided.

If you want some time to choose your domain name and don’t want to register it right now then it is fine. Simply choose the option “I will create my domain later”

On the next window, you will be asked to enter Billing Info and price will be the minimum i.e. just $2.95/month.

BlueHost automatically adds few other services to the package. You don’t need those services, so uncheck them, but I strongly recommend that you include “Domain Privacy+Protection” in your package. It will cost you generally $0.99/month but again, if you buy from my link, then you will get this service also, totally free!

Did you notice?

Your total cost for starting a blog including Domain and Hosting for one year is just $35.40.

Now, tell me just one thing, which business in the world can be started at such a low cost?

Actually, starting a blog with BlueHost is simply awesome! You get top-notch service along with great offers!

Remember, if the cost of your package is more than $35.40, then simply send me a message and I will help you save some money. Your one message can save you few dollars because I want you to start a blog at the minimum possible cost.

On the next window, you can enter your Credit Card details to buy hosting from BlueHost.

If you want to pay via PayPal, then simply click ‘Other payment options. It will show you Payment via PayPal option also.

>> Start Your Blog With BlueHost Now <<

Step #4: Installing WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that allow you to write, format and publish content on your blog. This is the most popular platform to build a blog. There are other alternatives also like Blogger and SquareSpace but WordPress is the most powerful and the most popular platform which empowers millions of websites.

I will choose WordPress over any other CMS (Content Management System) without any hesitation. This is the beauty of BlueHost that when you buy web hosting service from them, they automatically install WOrdpress for you.

After making the payment, you can now login to your bluehost account. Here is the very first window that you see after login.

The best thing about BlueHost web-hosting is that it installs WordPress automatically on your blog and it is very much required platform to start your blog.

In case you are stuck, then simply log out from your account and then log in again.

Now, You will see that WordPress is already installed in your account but if you want, then you can install WordPress manually also.

In case you want to install WordPress manually, then follow the these steps:

  • Log in to your new Bluehost account.
  • Go to the My Sites tab.
  • Click the Create Site button in the top-right corner.
  • Enter Site Name and Tag-line. You can change them anytime later on.

Now click on ‘Advanced’ tab and enter login information you want for your WordPress account.

Bluehost will now install WordPress for you, create your new WordPress blog, and display your log in details.

Congratulation! Now your blog has been launched!

You can simply type your domain name (i.e. URL) into your browser and see how does it look.

To visit your WordPress dashboard simply put /wp-admin to your blog URL. For example, if your blog url is then you can visit your WordPress Dashboard by visiting the URL:

Step #5: Choose a theme and add plugins

After entering your WordPress dashboard the first thing you need to do is to choose design and the layout. To do this, you can select a theme of your choice.

You can choose a free theme or a premium theme it depends upon you.

If you want to see free themes then simply go to Appearance – > Themes and select a theme of your choice.

Every theme has different options and it really depends upon your requirements and what you want in your blog. There are so many free themes available out there and themes like ‘Twenty Twenty’ are the most popular ones.

WordPress gives you a lot of customization options to change the feel, look and features of your blog.

To make further changes in your blog, simply go to Appearance – > Customize option and you can make all the necessary changes over there.

When you goto ‘Customize’ window, you’ll see a lot of options out there.

You can make all the changes for your blog like your site name, title, logo, background and sidebars etc. out there.

You’ve full control of your blog design, layout and look through this ‘Customize’ option.

After making all the settings etc. now you need to install few plugins. A plugin is simply a piece of code that enhances the functionality of your blog.

# Which Plugins to Install and How?

After logging into your Wordperss blog, simply click ‘Plugins’ and then on ‘Add New’ and search the below mentioned plugins and install them one by one. You can install them in just few clicks.

Here are the few plugins that you must install:

  • Jetpack– This plugin enhances the security and performance of your website. Along with the security features Jetpack also provides social media features and analyse visitors data.
  • Free WP Forms – This plugin helps your audience to contact you and further help you to increase lead generation.
  • Akismet: This is basically a moderation tool. It checks comments and contact form submissions to prevent spam.
  • Rank Math SEO: It is a great tool for SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It helps you optimize your post content to rank better on Search Engines.
  • WP Super Cache: It improves the load time of your blog and provides the required data to your visitors at a greater speed.
  • Contextual Related Posts: It helps you show ‘Related Posts’ on your blog and keep the user engaged on your blog.

Step #6: Create and Publish content for blog

Now, it is time to create some essential pages. To add a page to your blog simply click Pages – > Add new in your WordPress dashboard.

It all depends upon you what pages you want to create and for what purpose. Remember, we are not talking about the posts, we are talking about the pages and they are different from posts.

The pages have static content and do not change over time whereas the posts contain dynamic content and are regularly updated. Posts are timely content and they are published with date and author name.

The pages are static for example ‘Contact’ and ‘About’ page.

So, in one sentence we can say that posts are timely content and are updated regularly whereas pages are static content and they don’t change generally.

How to create a page in WordPress

You can create a title and content of your page and then hit ‘Publish’ and it will be published on your website.

Some of the most common pages you will see on every blog are:

Home Page: It depends upon the layout of your blog what you want to display on your home page. If you want to show your latest post as home page then it is fine but if you want to show Static Content on your home page, then you will have to design it. Generally, people show resources, courses, videos or any products/services they offer on their home page.

About: This page is all about the blog and the author, so it is about YOU. You can tell people why you started your blog and what they should expect on your blog etc.

Contact: This page is to provide contact information to the visitor, so if someone want to contact you, then you can simply provide your contact information on your ‘Contact’ page. In case you want to contact me, then you can contact me here.

Privacy Policy: On this page, you can explain how would you use your visitors data. What you do with their data and what is your policy regarding use of visitors data.

You can create as many pages as you feel necessary. There is no limit on the number of pages you can create in WordPress.

Publish your first post

In the same way, you create a new page, you can add a new post also. To write and publish your first post, simply go to Posts – > Add new.

Simply enter your title and the content in the space provided. You can add images, do formatting and create columns etc. to make the content appear the way you want.

After writing all the details, simply hit ‘Publish’ button!

Bingo! You got your first post published !

Step #7: Optimize your blog content for better search engines rankings (SEO Process)

When you write something on your blog, you must want people to find it also. You get quality and highly targeted traffic from search engines. But to get traffic from search engines like Google you need to optimize your blog content. So that search engines can find, like and display your content in front of the people who are searching for similar content.

Optimizing your blog/website/content for search engines is called Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a very vast topic and it is not possible to cover it here but still I would like to give you some important aspects.

To start with SEO, you must take care of the followign very important things:

  • Title of your post: Your title must be very catchy and must contain the keyword you want to rank for. For example, my this post is ranking for the keyword ‘how to start a blog’ and you will notice that I’ve included it in my Title tag.
  • Meta tag – Description: Description mean a little summary that a user see in search engine while seeing search results.

There are many plugins that help you do SEO work for you. I use Rank Math which is the best SEO plugin and comes with a lot of features that make your SEO work easy for you.

If you want to learn SEO then please read SEO section of my blog where I teach all the SEO techniques for blogs that give you highest rankings in minimum time.

By now, you know how to start a blog, how to design, how to change layout, how to create pages and posts and how to optimize it for search engines. But if you want to take any benefit from your hard-work then you need to ensure that people are visiting your blog and reading the content. For this purpose, you need to learn how to promote your blog.

How To Promote Blog

There are a lot of things that you cand o to promote your blog:

  1. Promote on social media: You can let people know about your blog on social media sites like Facebok, Twitter and Linkedin etc.
  2. Promote among your friends and relatives: Tell your friends and relatevies about your blog via WhatsApp, Telelgram and other social media platforms. Ask them to share your blog URL with their friends.
  3. Promote on other forums and networking sites: Be part of other communities. Post on other forums and put your blog URL in your signatures. If you post useful content on forums, then people will definitely take your seriously and may subscribe to your blog also.
  4. Promote through paid advertisement: You can promote your blog via paid advertisement also on Google, Bing Ads, Facebook and Twitter etc.
  5. Organic Traffic from Search Engines: If you write regularly and useful content then search engines will give you site better rankings. You will get a lot of traffic from search engines and your blog will grow in a natural way.

Great! You’ve learned how to start a blog.

Now, you’ve your very own domain name, hosting account and your blog is ready. You can become a successful blogger by writing useful content at regular intervals and doing proper research.

Always give value to your readers so that they read your blog more frequently.

Write for the humans and not for the search engines. If you do proper research on a topic and then share your knowledge with others in a natural way, then people will definitely like you and your blog will grow for sure.

Remember, it is not an overnight process. It will take weeks or even months, but the results would be really awesome! All the best!

Have questions? Click here to Send a Message and ask anything about Blogging. I will reply to your message personally and in shortest possible time!

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