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10 Great Reasons To Start A Blog in 2022

Dear reader, How are you?

You know, I get a lot of emails every day and many of the senders ask almost the same question i.e. “Should I start a blog?”.

I don’t know why but after being incredibly successful with my own blog, BloggingVerve I suggest that everyone should start a blog. If you ask me, why should you start a blog, then I can tell so many reasons behind it.

I have helped many people achieve ‘financial freedom’ through blogging but the truth is that the success of any blog depends upon your passion and what your blog is all about!

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So, Why You Should Start A Blog?

If you ask me then there is not just one reason for starting a bog, but there are many. It really depends which reason is applicable in your case.

So, let’s discuss and see which one is applicable in your case.

1. To generate an income

This is the reason everyone is interested in. Yes, you can generate an income from your blog and this income can be a very serious income. People make millions through their blogs. I also earn significant amounts every month through blogging and digital marketing.

To start generating income through your blog the very first step that you need to do it finding a profitable niche and then you should move further.

You can earn profit in almost every niche but still, there are some niches that are more profitable and contain more opportunities than other niches. So, starting with a profitable niche is the first step towards generating income through your blog.

Be prepared for hard work! You must devote some good hours to writing, managing and monetizing your blog. Once established properly you can expect some good returns over a number of years.

2. To establish yourself as a brand

This is also a very good reason for starting a blog. If you want to establish yourself as a brand and want to be seen as an expert in that field then you must start your own blog and keep writing useful stuff in your niche.

If you write useful content which provides value and knowledge to readers, then you can easily create a good userbase in a short time.

When people see you as an authority in that niche then they trust you. You can sell products, services or anything valuable in that niche. Obviously, when people see that you are recommending a product or a service then it must be valuable and of good quality.

After being established as an authority you can start selling consulting service also because if people read your blog and see you as an expert they may reach you for consultation.

So, if you want to brand yourself in your niche then blogging is a great way of doing it but make sure that you write regularly and it must be very useful for the readers. They must not be disappointed after reading your blog.

3. To express yourself

Even if you don’t want to sell anything blogging is a great way to express yourself. Sometimes, we feel that we didn’t get due recognition in our life. There are many people who feel that they could tell the world what they are but they didn’t get opportunity to express themselves.

If you didn’t get any platform to express yourself and your views then blogging is an ultimate platform. You can let the world know about you and your views.

It will help you find like-minded people who respect your ideas. You can create a community of of like-minded people and lead it.

When you find people having same views like your then you get a lot of satisfaction, enthusiasm and relaxation.

Blogging is the only way to let people join you if they belong to same idea class.

4. To help others

Another reason you may want to start a blog is that you want to share your knowledge and experience with others. By doing so you want to help others.

There are so many bloggers who started blogs just to help others. They put tutorials on their blogs and help millions of people learn through their blogs.

This is a great way to attract millions of people to your blog. If you create tutorials or simply write articles on a particular topic then you can solve people’s problems.

You may create a blog on how to stop hair fall, how to lose weight or how to improve your communication skills. It really depends upon your mastery. If you are good at communication then you can help people improve communication skills.

There are countless topics on which you can create blogs. For example, a blog that talks about writing a good résumé can help a lot of people getting jobs.

5. Increase your knowledge

You must have read somewhere that ‘Knowledge is power‘.

When you start writing on something then you have to gain knowledge on that topic. It is inevitable. The more research you do, the better your writing will be. This extra research and study will enhance your knowledge on that topic and it will be great for your blog.

The extra knowledge about your topic not only brings confidence but you can also use it for financial gains. For example, if you’ve extraordinary knowledge in stocks, Forex, insurance or personal finance then you can start consulting business, speak on webinars or put your knowledge into courses and sell. All of these are money-making opportunities and more knowledge means more such opportunities for you.

6. To create something remarkable

Creating a blog with your own hands gives you immense satisfaction and if that blog goes popular then it is an insanely great feeling. People see you as the creator of something big.

By creating a great blog you not only gain financially but psychologically too. The feeling of creating something remarkable and extraordinary is simply awesome.

If you create a blog on an informative topic like buying an insurance policy then you will get huge satisfaction that you are empowering your readers on something which is very much important.

Just imagine someone asking you ‘hey! have you ever visited this blog? it is very good.’ only to find that he is talking about YOUR blog. This feeling is unmatchable!

7. To write about your life

Do you know how blogging started? If we talk about early days then a blog was just about someone’s everyday happenings.

It was a kind of diary. An online diary where the author will write about his/her life.

Many people even today use a blog to tell people about their lives. If your life has an interesting story then you can get readers… a lot of readers. Those readers would like to know what is happening in someone’s life.

You can make your blog interesting by mentioning your story. Like, how you overcome a fear or how you changed the circumstances for good. If your blog is about your life, then it can be a source of motivation for others.

8. To develop technical skills

It is difficult to start blogging without developing technical skills. But, don’t worry! Those skills are too easy to learn and just like fun.

Some of the skills that a blogger need to learn are buying domain and hosting, installing WordPress, social media marketing and a little bit CSS.

When you start a blog you learn this skills natually and they won’t feel like a burden.

Some of the skills are very much a kind of enjoyment, for example, changing themes of your blogs, install various plugins and using different traffic monitoring tools.

You should take it as an opportunity because there is a lot of information available online that can be very helpful if you want to learn any of these skills. It will not only increase your technical ability but it will give you more confidence doing things online.

9. To work through your emotions

A blog is a great way to work through your emotions. If you are afraid of something, for example, Acrophobia i.e. fear of heights then writing about this fear will help you work through your emotions.

There may be something you won’t like to discuss with someone face to face. You can discuss these things on your blog.

If you are a kind of person who don’t want to meet people or go outside but still want to ‘shout’ and tell the world what you feel about something then blogging is a great way to do this.

Your blog will tell the world what you feel about something and if you’ve surpassed your fear then it will become an incredible story and can help thousands of people going through the same problem.

10. Improve your writing skills

This is another great reason why you should start a blog. When you start writing then it may look difficult in the beginning, but with the passage of time, it will become easier.

The more you write, the more fluent you will be. The sentences will form themselves without having you think about them.

Soon, you will get an idea about the flavour of your subscribers. You can then focus on what your subscribers like. It will enhance your writing skills and you will be able to write more effectively in less time.

Please bear in mind that blogging won’t give you success overnight but if you are dedicated and have made a mind to start a blog, then you will definitely be successful.

You can contact me in case you need my help in starting your first blog or simply read my online guide on starting a blog here. Please tell me in the comment below what is your reason for starting a blog?

Have questions? Click here to Send a Message and ask anything about Blogging. I will reply to your message personally and in shortest possible time!

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