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Top 10 Methods of Making Money From Blogging in 2022

Disclosure: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me if you decide to purchase a paid plan. However, the links are for the best software and tools you need to start a successful blog. For more information, you can read my affiliate commission disclosure over here.

Dear reader, how are you? There may be many reasons behind starting a blog like hobby writing, helping people, getting recognition or telling the world about you BUT making money is what always interest to blogger.

People are making millions through blogging. Even, I am making a huge amount from this VERY blog which I started just for fun. If you also want to make money through blogging, then first of all you need to start a blog.

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If you already have a blog or planning to start a blog and want to know how to make money from blogging then you should this article very carefully.

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Okay, There are a lot of methods of making money through blogging, but I want to discuss only the most successful and practical methods. So here are some of the most practical methods of making money through blogging in 2022

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most popular method of making money online. 90% of bloggers make their money through affiliate marketing. Here we are not talking about small amounts, we are talking about thousands of dollars.

Yes, it may seem hyped, but this is real that there are many bloggers who make six-figure income through affiliate marketing only.

So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

It is simple. Affilaite marketing is the propcessing of making money by promoting other people’s products/services. Today, almost every online company who is selling a digital product have its own affliiate program.

You can product wordpress themes, plugins, web-hosting and SEO software etc.

The process of affiliate marketing is quite simple. You can enter in affiliate marketing by finding a product that you like and then promoting it to other people. On each successful sale, you get commission from the vendor.

You should create a page for the program you are promoting and then aim other people who might be interested in that product.

As your blog grows and you become popular, your followers and other bloggers would also like to sign up for the same product or the service that you are using and recommending. When they complete a sale through your affiliate link, you get a commission.

The amount of the commission depends upon the affiliate program. Each company offers a different range of commissions. Some provide you a set amount whereas other provide you a percentage of sales. Some provide you a single commission whereas other provide you recurring commission.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that the rate of commission is very high. You can get commission from 25%-75% of the product price. Yes, you read it right! You may get upto 75% of the product price as a commission.

Now you must be thinking if the owner gives us 75% then what will be left for him/her and why would anyone would give away 75% of the sale price.

The answer is quite simple! You are doing the most important and hardest task. In fact, I would say that you are doing the most important job for them. You are making people aware of their product and sending them to their sales page. The affiliate commission you get is the reward for your efforts.

You know you can create a good product and an attractive sales page also. But the hardest job is getting people to visit to your page. Now, as an affilaite you are sending visitors to their website, so you are doing this job easy for them.

Moreover, a customer will give the company/owner lifetime opportunity to earn money (in case the customer buys a subscription). If the owner gives you a ‘one time’ high amount of commission even then it will have the opportunity to earn revenue from the same customer for lifetime.

Generally, the work of an affiliate is not to sell the product but to “pre-sell”. It means making the visitor confident about the product he/she is going to buy. So, changing the mindset of the visitor and turning the visitor into the customer is what an affiliate do.

If you convince your reader to buy the product before they actually click your affiliate link and see the sales page, the more likely they are to buy the product you are recommending.

So, it is all about the convincing your visitor!

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Affiliate Marketing Process:

Before you start earning affiliate revenue you should understand the whole process.

First of all, you need to find an affiliate program and then sign up to work as an affiliate. You need approval from the owner to work as an affiliate.

Don’t worry! There is nothing hard in getting approved.

Some of the companies/owners give you automatic approval when you signup, whereas, some of them may like to check your profile.

Generally, sign up requires your basic information, like Name, Email, Address, website/blog, your experience in your niche, your source of visitors and mode of payment etc.

As soon as you get approved you will get your own private affiliate link for promotion of the product. This special link will track your clicks and sales.

To generate sales through your affiliate link you can include these links to your blog, articles, ebooks, emails, social media posts and where ever you write and post something.

When a user clicks, a cookie will be saved in its computer or mobile device or on any device he using. This cookie will track whether that person purchases the product or not. Cookies can last from 24 hours to one year depending upon the terms and conditions of your affiliate program.

A 30 days cookie mean if someone clicks on your affiliate link and then buy the product within 30 days after that click and even after going directly to vendor’s website, commission will be credited to you but if after 30 days that user makes a purchase, then that sale will not be counted to your affiliate account.

The owner decides the duration of the cookie and it is generally mentioned in the terms and conditions of that affiliate program.

You can join affiliate programs finding them over three mainstreams:

  1. Direct Affiliate Programs: You can find and contact the companies straight who are offering an affiliate program. TO find the program in your niche, simply Google: Your niche +Affiliate program keyword. For example, if you are in SEO business and you can promote SEO software, then simply search SEO software affiliate program. You can join their affiliate programs directly by visiting their websites
  2. Shopping Sites Affiliate Programs: There are many shopping sites that have their own affilaite prgorams. For example Amazon has its own affiliate program i.e. Amazon Associaites. After being an affiliate of Amazon, you can start promoting their physical products and earn commission ranging from 1%-10%. You can write reviews of Laptops, Computer, Washing Machines, Tools or even books etc. on your blog and include your affiliate link there. People already trust Amazon so it is easy to convert customers over there.
  3. Affiliate Networks: There are many affilaite networks out there which provide platform to affilites (or bloggers) where they can see affiliate offers from different vendors. The best thing about these platforms is that you can go there and check available affiliate offers in your favourite niche and start promoting the products almost immediately. You need to sign up only once and then you can have a variety of affiliate offers to choose from. The best affiliate network is Clickbank where thousands of dollars of products are bought and sold everyday.

2. Selling own products

Many bloggers make money selling their own products also. You can sell both i.e. Digital products as well as physical products.

I will keep the discussion in this article limited to selling digital products only. There are many options when you think about selling digital products.

  • Ebooks
  • Video Courses
  • Softwares
  • Reports etc.

Ebooks are the most popular way to make money selling own prdouct. There are many bloggers who write ebooks and sell them online and make huge money. Ebooks are one of the fastest growing digital products to sell.

If you are more skilled then you can create video courses and softwares also to sell. You can also write report on some specific topics or simply generate reports on particular segments and sell them.

Where to sell?

  • Your own website/blog
  • Third party platforms

You can sell your digital products like ebook, videos, software and reports etc. either on your own blog or simply you can upload them on websites like Payloadz or Udemy and sell them. Using your own blog to sell your products will give you more control but if you want to take benefit of their technology and payment processing interface then go for third party platforms.

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3. Workshops and webinars

Before starting how to make money with webinars, first let me tell you how webinars work.

A webinar is a video presentation that is delivered by you online and generally for free. When you want to attract a lot of people online who are related to your niche and might be interested in your content, you ask them to join your webinar.

You should start a webinar only on the topic you’re expert in and passionate about. If you don’t have enought knowledge or passion then you won’t be able to speak much on that topic.

Now, you msut be thinking, how a free webinar will make you money?

When you offer a free webinar, you are using it as a lead magnet. This free webinar will help you capture leads in your niche. You can sell paid products, services, coaching program or consulting service to them later on.

Before you start a webinar, you must need to know this

You can sell a product after the free webinar only if that paid product is related to your niche. You can not sell a vacuum cleaner after speaking on weight loss techniques or you can not sell a photocopier after talking about personal finance.

How it works?

For example, you are an insurance agent and you want clients for your insurance business. In that case, you can start a free webinar giving people free insurance advice on how to buy a insurance policy. At the end of the webinar you can ask people to call you in case they want to buy insurance. You can even sell your insurance consulting service or give free advice and help them buy insurance and get commission from insurance company. In both ways, you make money.

So, if you promote your webinar to people interseted in your niche and provide them good content free of cost and look as an expert then they will definitely buy your product at the end.

If your visitors don’t buy your paid service at the end of the webinar even then youc ans end them follow-up emails and ask them to buy your paid product/service.

There are many opportunities to make money, once you start your blog. You can claim your FREE .com domain here and start your own blog within 5 minutes.

4. Consulting

This is another great way to make money through your blog. If you’ve a specific skill then you can go for consulting people and make some good money oyut there.

I started because I had blogging and digital marketing skills. I am doing blogging and digital marketing since 2010. So, I started to provide consulting on this very topic.

So, if you’ve a blog or a website specific to a particular niche then you can offer yourself as an expert and a consultant as well.

If your blog is having good quality content and you are attracting highly targeted traffic then it can be done without any problem.

How to Start Consulting?

1. Choose your skill or talent

Wheny ou think about providing consultation thne you need to pick a skill you are very good at or simply your talent. It means, simply choose what you do and what you know about. But it doesn’t meant that you can’t change your topic/niche.

You can always change your niche/speciality. I have seen many people moved from one niche to another and establish themselves as an expert in that field. Most of the motivational speakers i know come from a different background.

But, if you are already happy with what you are currently doing, then you don’t need to change your skill. For example, if you are an insurance agent and you are doing this for 5 years then you can start a blog on insurance and start consulting in the field of insurance.

If you want to be successful in a short time, then don’t change your skill. Always choose what you are already doign, because you are expert on that. If you change your skill then in that case, you will have to learn the new things before you start consulting and it will slow down your progress.

2. Capture leads

You need to capture the leads on your blog. Ask your readers to fill the form or you can simply start a free webinar like we discussed above. Thereafter, you can offer people your paid consultation service.

If you want to put a contact form on your blog then you can simply choose WPforms. This is a simple form that can help you put a contact form on your website.

3. Market your service

If you want to sell something, then you need to market it. So, if you want to offer consulting then you need to market your service on different places on the internet.

You can create advertisements or simply put your service on Social media websites.

If you want to market yourself as a consultant then you need to be very active on social media and paid advertisement segment. Don’t hesiate in spending money on advertisement if you get good number of leads/clients from there. After all, it is all about ROI. If you are getting positive ROI then there is nothing wrong in paying for the advertisement.

Make sure your visitor know that you offer a consulting service on your blog. So, put your consulting offers on a prominent place on your blog.

5. Offer best service always

When you get a client, make sure that you are offering best service to make them happy.

Only a happy client will say positive about your service. The word of mouth advertisement is the best one. If you give a great service then they’re going to refer you to other people as well.

Consulting is a great way to make money from your blog. Many people use this link to start blog within 5 minutes and start selling consulting after setting up blog easily.

5. Sell sponsored blog posts

You can make money by writing sponsored blog posts also.

What is sponsored blog post?

It is when someone pays you to write a blog post about the product they are selling.

If your blog is about a specific topic and your audience want to know about something specific then you can earn money by writing sponsored posts.

For example, if your blog is about PC security then on request of a vendor you can publish a post solely on their antivirus software mentioning its features, pros and cons etc. It will not only make you some money but will help you create great content for your blog.

Make sure that you write only on those topics that are related to your blog. If you start writing about anything just for the sake of money then soon you will start losing your audience.

As a publisher, you can ask the vendor to provide you that product or service free of cost so that you can gain some information about them. After proper testing, you can write an honest review about those products.

Why someone will pay you to write about their product?

Because, it will simply lead traffic from your blog to their website. And more traffic means more sales. Simply they are paying you for two reasons:

  1. Your audience trust you so if you endorse a product then they are more likely to buy it.
  2. You are genrating traffic for the vendor

In both the cases, it will generate revenue for the vendor, that’s why they pay you.

How much you earn through a sponsored post will depends upon the type of the product, your blog reputation, your writing abilities and your audience type. Bloggers charge from $100 to few thousands to write sponsored reviews.

It all about your blog type, traffic volume and audience quality.

6. Offer freelancer services

If you want then you can offer many services to other people and work as a freelancer. Just think what you are good about and what your blog is all about.

If you are good on content writing and you talks a lot about content writing then you can offer your content writing services to your vistiors.

The people who read your blog already like you so if you start offering customised services to them then they definitely buy your service.

Here are the most common services offered by the freelancers

  • Writing
  • designing
  • SEO
  • Web designing
  • Mobile app development
  • Proof reading

Depending on your skills, you can offer any service you want. You must ensure that before selling a service as a freelancer, you should prove that you are the master of that field.

You can do this through your blog.

For example, if you want to provide freelancer service in the filed of graphic designing then first put some of your specimen. Make few tutorials on how to create stunning graphics and show them online, then you will gain more credibility and more people will like to buy your designing service.

Same thing is applicable in case of SEO. If you want to sell SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service then show them your work. Show them how you helped a website owner improve its rankings.

Try to gain some testimonials also. It will boost potential buyer confidence in your skills and they’ll be more interested in buying your service.

7. Selling memberships

Selling memberships is a great way to earn consistent and significant income. There are a lot of things that can be sold on membership basis and you can charge on recurring basis from your customers.

A customer can pay a regular amount to get access to:

  • Forum;
  • Community;
  • Tools;
  • Premium content;
  • A service (for example SEO) etc.

If you create a useful resource, like a forum or a discussion board where user can make discussions on relevant topics and gain knowledge or a platform that provides users different plugins/themes/software etc at a cheaper rate (or free) then you can make people pay on recurring basis.

The best thing about selling memberships is that the efforts you made to gain a customer will give you the benefit not for only one time, but for multiple times.

If you keep offering useful content and service to your users, you’ll keep earning money from them for indefinite period.

8. Offering one-on-one coaching

Through coaching one can convert its expertise into money.

You are already publishing a blog and providing information about your niche in the market. You are already an expert in your niche. There will be many readers who won’t only read your blog but will be interested in getting one-on-one coaching from you. They want to get personalised advice from you, because they trust you.

Many people have started their own blogs by reading my online guide here and then started teaching others how to start a blog. This is a really clever way of making money.

You can create a dedicated page on your blog about this service. You can tell them about this one-on-one coaching on that page and ask them subscribe for a fee.

Generally, people like to take coaching on the following subjects:

  • Health and fitness;
  • Web designing;
  • Coding and programming;
  • Graphic designing;
  • Cooking;
  • Yoga etc.

Remember, you will have to spare more time if you want to go for one-on-one coaching because if you give personal attention to your clients then you will be able to coach only few people in a day. It can be compensated by charging higher fee.

So, if you charge higher fee from your clients, then even with a limited number of clients you can earn significant amount.

Just imagine charging $100/month from a client for one-one-coaching and giving coaching to only 20 clients in a month even then you can make $100×20=$2000/month

If you provide good coaching and help your client get answer to its questions then they will be very satisified and will refer your coaching program to other people as well. With the passage of time, your blog traffic will increase so will be the number of people asking for coaching.

9. Selling advertising space

You can sell advertising space and make money from your blog. There are people who start a blog keeping this very specific goal in mind. They have already thought about monetizing their blogs through advertisement right from the beginning. They create a blog because they want to make money by placing ads on it, simple!

This is very much possible to make a handsome income through selling advertisement space on your blog. People make millions through this method of making money from blog.

To attract serious advertisers to your blog, it must have the following qualities:

  • Good amount of traffic;
  • Great design;
  • Attractive slots for placing advertisement;

You can always take help of a freelancer who can help you have these qualities in your blog.

you must have a very good amount of traffic like (20k-30K/month) in order to attract good advertisers. If you apply as a publisher when you don’t have any good amount of traffic then most of the advertisers will reject you.

One thing you should always remember is that advertiser pay you only because he is getting leads/customers from your site. If your site is not generating any leads/customers for him, then he will stop giving you advertisements quickly.

Make sure your ad placement, site traffic and website design fulfill that very purpose of the advertiser. The money advertiser is paying you is coming from the sales generted through your site. If your site is not generating any sales for him then you can’t expert advertisement from the advertiser.

Most popular ad options for your blog are here:

  • Google AdSense: This program is run by Google. It is a great way to monetize your blog. If your blog start getting great amount of traffic then Google Adsense can give you a very good income.

In any ad program, the more clicks mean more money. So your ad placement is very important. Make sure that you place your ads on your blog in that way that it gets maximum attention.

You need to be sure about the type of advertisement being shown on your blog. If irrelevant ads are being displayed on your blog then you won’t get any good results.

  • Direct ads from advertisers: In this method, you are contacting advertisers and asking them to put advertisement on your blog. This is a kind of direct deal.

In this way, you will increase your revenue because you won’t have to pay to a platform (like BuySellAds) who finds advertisers and displays the advertisement for you. You are talking directly to the advertisers so you can give them great offers and set your own price. The advertiser would also be happy because he won’t have to pay brokerage to anyone for helping him find a publisher.

  • Banner ads: If you’ve good amount of traffic and your niche allow this, then you can goto different ad platforms and contact advertisers start selling space to them. It will give you more control on the type of advertisements you will display. You will be choosing what type of advertiser you want to work with. There are many platforms where you can choose advertisements to display and can contact the advertisers directly. One of the very popular platform is BuySellAds.

When the traffic on your blog increases, you can increase your price also. Even at the same price, increased traffic will increase your revenue.

10. Accepting Donations

You can monetize your blog by asking people to donate for your blog. There are so many options that enable you to acception donations on your blog.

  • PayPal donations button;
  • WordPress plugins like Green Donations;
  • Customized codes

If you give value to your readers then even with a small number of users you can make a good amount. If your readers are loyal to you and they respect your work then they will happily donate for your blog.

Although, it is not very common to see donate button on a blog but still few bloggers use this method to cover the basic costs of running a blog and if you have a good userbase then you can even make a significant amount of money through this method.

There are many other methods of monetizing your blog but these were just the most popular methods of making money from blog. Please tell us in the comments which method you like the most. To start making money, the very first step is starting your own blog. Simply visit here to read comprehensive guide on starting your own profitable blog or you can also subscribe to my FREE Blogging Course here (worth $297) and start learning everything about Blogging i.e. Niche selection to Monetization.

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