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12 Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic By 400% In 2022

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The next big challenge after starting your blog is to bring traffic to your blog so that you can make money from blogging.

Don’t worry! I’ve helped hundreds of blog owners to generate traffic to their blogs and make consistent money through advertisements and selling their own products.

Actually, promoting your blog to get traffic is not difficult at all. There are many strategies for increasing your blog traffic and I’ve mentioned the best strategies in this article and if you also use these strategies then you can increase your blog traffic by 400%.

Best strategies to increase your blog traffic

So, here are some of the best strategies to increase traffic for your blog and you don’t have to be a marketing expert to do that. I have personally used these strategies to increase traffic for my own blog and these strategies are 100% working and can increase your blog traffic by 400%.

So, let’s get started!

1. Do keyword research before writing

When you do proper keyword research you get crucial information about the search terms your audience uses in order to obtain information online. Always write around those keywords where search volume is considerably high.

When you do keyword research, you must pay attention to volume of searches per month for those keywords and competition score. The search volume will give you an idea about the traffic you may get while targeting those keywords and competition score will tell you how difficult it is to rank for those keywords.

If you are working on a new blog then find low competition keywords and include them in your content. Do a little exercise on gaining backlinks and you can easily rank your new blog.

Later on, you can include more difficult keywords in your content and optimize accordingly.

Remember, if you choose a high search volume keyword in the beginning then it will be difficult to rank for those keywords.

Here are few tools that I use to do keyword research for my blog:

2. Making content helpful for the user

Always write your blog in a way that help users obtain required information. It means you should target ‘intent’ of the user. For example, if a user want to buy a mobile phone then he/she can use the following search terms:

  • Best mobile phones under <price range>
  • Full review of Mobile X
  • Buy Mobile X online

Above are the examples of user’s intent and now it solely depends upon you which intent you want to fulfill. Now, it depends upon you what kind of purpose you want to fulfill.

Every user’s intent requires a different kind of post and different method of monetization will work there.

In order to rank higher, your content must match with the intent of the users and help them achieve their objective.

I focus only on two types of search intents and write accordingly.

  1. Informational search intent
  2. Transactional search intent

1. Informational Search Intent: When someone searches on the internet to find out some kind of information the search intent is ‘informational’. For example, how to lose weight, how to manage your finance, how to start a blog or how to become confident etc.

If you write blog posts on these topics, then it won’t allow you to make money immediately, but you can establish yourself as an authority in that particular field and later on sell stuff to them. For example, you can write a blog post on how you lost xx amount of weight in xx days and get your visitors on your list and later on sell them an ebook or a course or anything else related to losing weight.

These types of posts are great traffic builders due to the high search volume. You can attract a really good amount of traffic to your blog by writing these type of posts. My own post on how to start a blog gets hundreds of visits every day from all over the world.

2. Transactional Search Intent: When a user wants to buy something and uses the terms ‘best laptops online’, ‘best car shampoo’, ‘best credit card’, ‘best washing machine’ etc. then we say that intent of the user is ‘Transactional’. This is the second type of blog post you should focus on.

This kind of blog post will make you immediate money.

You can write review posts, comparison posts and pros and cons posts of a particular product and brand etc. and attract this type of user to your blog. By inserting affiliate links into your blog posts you can make immediate money from your traffic without even putting them on your list.

For example, if someone wants to buy a laptop, then you can write a blog post about the best laptops available in the market and insert your Amazon affiliate link into your posts and direct the user to Amazon site. When a user makes a purchase through your link, you make money.

So, basically, you need to focus and write only these two types of blog posts.

3. Create in-depth content

Do you know that people can use a variety of keywords to search something but they are looking for the same thing actually and Google knows about it.

You may notice that an article that rank #1 for a keyword also rank for many other relevant keywords because even if people are using different keywords they are looking for the same thing, actually.

For example, people using the following keywords have almost the same objective:

  • how to prepare coffee;
  • how to prepare coffee at home;
  • how to prepare coffee first time;
  • how to prepare coffee without any experience;
  • how to prepare good coffee;
  • how to prepare coffee like a pro

That’s why Google shows the same pages for related queries. You will almost same articles rank for multiple queries.

So, how can you rank for multiple long tail keywords like them?

The answer is quite simple. Create an in-depth content and try to cover as much as possible in that single article.

Each and every article on your blog must be in extensively written and detailed.

Now, if you already know how to write good content and how to do research and write great posts then there shouldn’t be any problem.

You cant visit different sites, read and understand the topic and after gathering the required information you can write an article.

But if you don’t know how to write articles in detail or you don’t know how to write at all then you can take help of freelancing sites like:

By outsourcing the writing work you can utilize your time on promoting your blog, building relatioships and other blog marketing activities.

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4. Increasing blog traffic using SEO

If you want to increase your blog traffic in an organic manner then SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is best method.

To get started with SEO in 2022 you can adopt the following strategies:

On-Site SEO

1. Conduct blog content analysis

This is the first step towards SEO. First of all you need to conduct content analysis of your blog. The purpose of this analysis is to find if your content is good and well optimised for search engines or not.

There are many tools that can help you perform this analysis. If you are using WordPress then I prefer Rank Math Pro plugin which is the best SEO plugin for on-page content analysis. The best thing about this plugin is that it analyses your content as you type.

Rank Math Pro tells you how good (or bad) your title is, your keyword density and how you can optimise your content for search engines.

2. Blog Audit

Only content analysis is not enough. You should also check your entire blog for SEO. There are many tools that can be used for on-page audit of your blog.

These tools help you identify any on-page issues your blog may have. You can work on those issues and improve your rankings significantly.

Here are some tools for your blog audit. I personally use these tools and they are simply awesome.

3. Make recommended improvements

Every on-page SEO tool will tell you about the issues your blog is having. The tool also recommend you to make changes to your blog. These are called ‘technical improvements’.

After doing these improvements you should again check performance of your blog.

Here are some of the key points you should keep in mind to make your blog look better in the eyes of search engines.

Off-Site SEO

Backlinks are very much important for off-site SEO.

Backlinks signal to search engines that your blog content is very much valuable and many resources have found it useful that’s why they have mentioned about it in their own blog posts by linking to it.

High number of backlinks means your blog has valuable content worth ranking.

You should aim to get as many backlinks as you can. Backlinks serves as ‘vote of confidence’ from other sites. In nutshell, number of backlinks to your website tell search engines that other sites also found your content valuable and they also vouch for your content.

How You can earn Backlinks?

There are two primary ways to earn backlinks for your blog:

  1. Natural backlinks: These backlinks are those links which require no action from the blog owner. If you write high quality and valuable content then other websites/bloggers will like to cite your work in their content. These aer also called organically obtanined backlinks. You just have to provide valueable information and write some great piece of content and people will definitely link to your site.
  2. Link requests: Youc an also gain backlinks by doing requests to other bloggers and sites to mention your blog on their blog. These kind of activities are called link earning activities. It means you need to request other people to put your blog link on their websites. This is a completely manual process. People adopt a lot of strategies to gain manual links like emailing other bloggers, doing guest blogging and spending money to gain backlinks. To get effective backlinks you need to ensure that the sites, you are asking for backlinks from, should be related to your blog.

5. Link important pages internally

Internal links mean links from one page to another within your own blog. Through internal links you can have your visitor spend more time on your blog.

If some of your pages are ranking well in the search engines whereas others are not, then you should create links from those pages who’re ranking well to those who are not. This way, you can direct readers from well ranked pages to those which need attention.

When you links pages this way it increases their performance in search engines.

Here, I would like to give you example of Wikipedia. You must have visited Wikipedia and noticed how well the pages are internally linked and this is the reason why you start reading only one topic in the beginning on Wikipedia and then keep reading for a long time by moving from one page to another.

Longer the time spent by users on your blog better the rankings it will get.

It also tells the user how vast your blog is. If you don’t link the pages internally then may be your visitor will never know that your blog contains information on other topics also.

So, linking the pages internally is as important as creating them.

6. Use Influencer Marketing

If you are considering to get serious amount of traffic for your blog, then you must try influencer marketing.

You must be thinking why influencer marketing is that important, right? It is because influencer marketing campaigns drives significant ROI (Return on Investment) in terms of brand awareness as well as revenue generation.

To start with influencer marketing first of call, create a mailing list of influencer and share your product free of cost with them. Now, as a blogger what kind of free product you can share with them? It can be any like:

  • an ebook;
  • mobile application;
  • software;
  • tool;
  • your designing service or anything else

If they like it they will definitely share their experience about your product/service with their followers without any charge.

There is another way too.

You can also pay to an influencer to talk about your blog or any product/service you are selling.

You can also think about creating an expert-round up post. An expert roundup is simply a group of quotes by influential people. Each participant have an authority in your field and has something to give to your readers. The basic idea about doing roundup posts is to put a specific question and having the experts (influencers) to answer it.

After creating some good relationships with influencers you can ask them to contribute to your blog. You can ask a general question and ask them for their opinions/answers.

When you get enough number of replies you can format all of the replies into a single expert round-up post and then ask your influencer to post on their social networks.

It will create a very good content for your blog and can bring a very good amount of traffic for your blog. Plus, it will put the influence in more authoritative position, so they will happily do it.

7. Give answers on Quora

Quora is a QA site where anyone can ask questions or answer them.

Now most of the bloggers are trying to find out which social network to prioritize and many of them are finding Quora a great source of generating traffic.

Do you know Quora has an audience of 300 Million/month active users. By answering there you can reach to the audience who don’t yet know about your blog.

So, what kind of questions you can answer there?

It all depends upon your niche.

Suppose, your niche is PC security and you write about PC security and Antivirus software etc. So, by answering related questions (examples below) on Quora you can drive massive traffic to your blog.

Do you know Quora ranks for around 75 million keywords and gets an estimated 920 thousands search visits per month.

If you want to drive traffic from Quora to your blog, then simply find those questions which rank well in Google. Login to your Quora account and answer those questions and you will start getting traffic almost immediately.

If you are active on Quora then you have a chance to show your knowledge and skills and demonstrate your experience and ultimately build your personal brand.

After getting good number of followers on Quora, you can direct them to follow you on other networks also like Facebook and Twitter. It will strenthen your presence on multiple social media networks.

8. Promote content on other relevant communities

There are so many other places where you can find groups and communities related to your niche. For example Facebook groups. You can join related Facebook groups and share your blog content there. But wait! It doesn’t mean that you should join those groups and start spamming them. You will get blocked immediately there.

So, how you should post there?

I am not talking about FB groups only, but it is applicable on almost all of the communities.

First of all, read some discussions there and try to understand the culture of that community. Read rules of posting etc. Do not start posting links as soon as you join. First, try to contribute to the community and create good relationship with the admin.

If you ask questions, give answers and help others then you will defintiely get noticed by the admins and the moderators there. Therafter, message admin/mods and ask them if you can post links to your blog and convince them it will be beneficial for the community and will increase the knowledge of the members.

Only if they allow you, you should post links to your blog.

Online communities like Facebook groups are great for promoting your content. If you are good in writing, helping others, maininting relatipships with admins and members then you can have the members visit to your blog.

Remember, ther are hundreds of communities out there. You can not only post to Facebook groups only, but there are other communities also like:

The strategy of getting traffic from these communities is being helpful and maintaining good relationship with members and the admins.

If you’ve not joined my Facebook Group – Smart Bloggers World yet, then please join it now. We discuss everything about blogging there and you’ll interact with other bloggers also in that group. In case you use LinkedIn also, then please connect with me on LinkedIn here.

9. Increasing blog traffic through paid advertisement

If you don’t want to put so much time and efforts in doing SEO, then you can go for paid advertisement. Paid advertisement gives you laser targeted traffic for the keywords you choose to target. If done properly, you can get a very good amount of traffic through pay-per-click ads at a really low cost.

There are so many online platforms to choose from. Every platform has its own pros and cons. But this post is not about comparing different ad networks, so I would keep this post limited to telling you about available networks only.

There are hundreds of advertisement networks out there, but I will discuss only the most popular ones.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads is the most popular online advertising platform. It provides a huge range of ad tools, targeting options, customization and analytics capabilities.

If you are using Google Ads then you can run a range of different ad campaigns from a single platform.

You can run search campaign, video campaign and shopping campaign etc. through Google Ads. You can show text-ads or banner ads or even video ads through Google Ads.

The cost per click in Google Ads (or any other network) depends completely on your niche and the competition in that niche.

2. Facebook Ads

After Google, Facebook ads is the most popular ad platform.

To run ads with Facebook, simply register an account with them and you can start promote your blog on Facebook.

Anyone having low budget for the advertisement can start with Facebook. They allow you to start advertising for as low as $5/day and there are variety of ads you can run with them.

You can run video ads, image ads or simply lead generation ads with them.

You can Google “FREE Facebook Ads Course” or simply visit Youtube and search “how to do Facebook Ads” and you will get a lot of free information about running Facebook Ads successfully.

3. Twitter Ads

Twitter ads is another great way to advertise online. You can promote your content to a large audience on Twitter.

Twitter ads is an opportunity for you to promote your blog and reach those users on Twitter who might be interested in your blog content.

You can run the following types of ads on Twitter:

  • Promoted Tweets
  • Promoted Accounts
  • Promoted Trends

10. Increasing blog traffic through email marketing

Email marketing a great way to increase on your blog.

When someone visits on your blog, then simply ask him to subscribe to your email list and create a list of subscribers.

Whenever you write a new post simply send an email to all of your subscribers about this new post. They will come back to your blog to read your new post.

When you’ve an email list of your subscribers you can send them email whenever you write something new and interesting. You can generate traffic of hundreds of visitors to your blog by sending a single email.

The best thing about email marketing is that after capturing the email of the subscriber you can maintain relationship with him for lifetime and make him visit your blog again and again.

To implement this strategy, you need to find a good ‘autoresponder’. Yes, they are called auto-responders and they can automate tasks like this.

Using an autoresponder, you can create a newsletter and ask subscribers to subscribe to your newsletter. Thereafter, you can send email to all of your subscribers with just ONE click.

It will bring them back to your blog and you won’t lose any visitor but with the passage of timethey will keep on increasing.

There are so many autoresponders in the market and they can easily automate the task of subscription and sending newsletters but I love ConvertKit among all of them.

Using Convertkit you can automate everything i.e. from capturing the email to sending email to your audience.

You can setup the email series in ConvertKit and it will send emails automatically at the time and date scheduled by you.

If you want to grow the size of your audience and want them to come again and again to read your blog posts then you must go for email marketing. There are many other autoresponders in the market which are worth trying.

11. Increasing traffic through social media marketing

Social media can be used as a source of great amount of traffic.

You can get some good amount of traffic from social media without spedning any money using the following tips:

Add your Blog’s URL to your social profiles

When someone views your profile on social media websites like Facebook that person may like to visit your blog also, but to take advantage of this opportunity you need to mention your blog URL on your social profilts.

Let users share your content easily

When visitor read something great on your blog then they may like to share it on their profilts. It gives you extra traffic from social media. But if the user can’t share your content with others then you can’t have benefit of ‘sharing’.

So, if you want people to share your content on their profiles, then you should make it easy for them. There are so many WordPress plugins that give you capability to put your social media icons on your blog. Installing a simple WordPress Plugin like ‘Easy Social Share’ can help you get extra traffic to your blog.

Post directly on your social media profiles

To get extra traffic you can also post link of your blog posts to your social media accounts. When you post a link on social media then your friends, fans and other stakeholders will be able to view your post. A good posting on social media will have attractive title, a good image and short description.

Post regularly

You should post regularly on your social network. It doesn’t mean that you should start spamming your network, but it mean you should post there in a routine manner.

You can post around 2-3 times a day to keep the audience engage and keep connected to you all the time.

Watch your competitors

Knowing what you competitiors are doing is a great way of creating your own strategy.

How often do your competitor post and what kind of content they post are the things worth checking. By watching their content can give you a good idea about your social media campaigns.

12. Encourage comments and user engagement

If you want to increase traffic to your blog then you should encourage people to comment on your blog and add their own views at the end of the post.

By doing so, it will automatically add new content on your blog post. The more comments mean more discussions and more replies that will lead to uniquely-generated fresh content on your blog.

When people ask questions, give answers or simply comment on your blog, it creates more keyword-rich content for your blog and search engines really like it. The blogs having good amount of comment are generally ranked higher.

I don’t recommend it, but some bloggers are there who even pay for commenting on their blogs.

When someone ask a question or take part in discussion on your blog then it will encouarge him to return and check for answers or further discussions. It keeps the visitors engaged and force them to visit back to check for any progress in discussion.

But, there is a problem in this approach. If you allow commenting on your blog then you will be flooded with a lot of spam comments. But at the same time, there are solutions are also.

There are many plugins out there who help you fight with spam. Akismet is one of the most popular plugin who help you fight spam. Akismet is a kind of moderation tool. It checks your comments against global database of spam and prevents your site from publishing malicious content.

13. Publish guest posts on your site

What is a guest post?

The answer is simple, a guest post is simply an article that is written and posted on someone else’s blog. When someone writes on its own blog it is simply called a post but when the that person writes on someone others blog then he is a ‘guest’ and his post will be called ‘guest post’.

If you allow other bloggers to write on your blog, then it is called publishing guest posts. If you do publish guest posts in a proper way, then you can get a lot of traffic to your blog by taking advantage of someone else’s expertise.

It’s a win-win game for both i.e. for you and the guest writer.

The guest gets publicity by writing on your blog and you get great content for your blog that you might have not been able to create.

So, does it mean you should accept all guest posts? No.

You should consider only those requests by the guest writers which benefit your blog.

  • Author should be expert in its field;
  • The post should be relevant to your blog;
  • The post should be targeting a good keyword.

Only then your post may get a good ranking in Google and provide you great amount of traffic in the days to come.

So, these were some of the proven traffic generating strategies that work perfectly in 2022. Which strategy you liked the most. Please tell us in comments and ask us if you’ve any questions.

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