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In December, 2009 after completing my study, I was in the need of making some money. I had already heard that one can make money online through blogging, but I didn’t know anything about it.

I asked few of my friends, but none of them had any idea about blogging or making money through it.

But, one friend, who was a graduate in Computer Science told me about Blogger (Google’s platform for blogging) which was very popular back then. He had a little knowledge about Blogger, but he didn’t know how to make money from blogging.

I already had interest in blogging, so I thought about digging deeper. But to start a blog, information about a blogging platform only was not enough.

In order to start a successful blog, you need to know a lot of other things like niche selection, writing articles, getting traffic and monetization techniques etc. and I was totally clueless about it.

I had no guru and no resource to learn from so I decided to learn everything myself. Because I was doing self-learning, so my speed was very slow, but I never stopped!

I tried starting few blogs on Blogger platform, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I used to work for 8-10 hours a day to setup my blog and writing articles etc. but I was not getting any good results.

I created so many blogs, one after another, but the results were not very encouraging.

I was very determined and that determination drove me not to give up even during the many, many times when I wanted to.

I felt disappointed on so many occasions… but I never stopped!

And then something happened…

One day, I decided to write an article on my blog after doing proper research and using some good keywords. It took me 5-6 days to write this article but at the end my hard work paid off.

After few days, this article ranked on PAGE ONE of Google and I got thousands of visitors on it. It encouraged me a lot and I started focusing my energy on that particular blog only.

I worked on that niche and wrote some more articles and got more readers on that blog. Then a few dozen and then even more…

I kept blogging regularly. I kept commenting on other blogs. I kept writing articles for other sites and linking them back to my blog. I kept networking with other online entrepreneurs.

Now, my articles were ranking very well in Google and I was getting good organic traffic from search engines. I felt very motivated.

Over the course of many months, my little blog grew a tiny bit and then a tiny bit more. And then, I woke up one day and realized that I had a consistent traffic of few hundred readers.

Now, It was the time to


After getting regular traffic, I thought about making some money. So, I started monetizing my blog. I researched what other people were doing. I read many books and blog posts on monetizing a blog.

After having considerable amount of knowledge, I thought about trying things out.

Pretty soon, there was a little trickle of income coming in from that blog. When I say “trickle”, I truly mean it. It started with $10 per month, then $20 per month, then $50 per month.

My blog was getting momentum and subscribers both, but the income was really small, I was missing something. I needed more knowledge and skills to increase my earnings.

I put in some more time and efforts and learnt some very crucial things about niche selection, article writing, traffic generation and monetization.

After spending few more months, I learnt how to write super hot articles really fast and get thousands of visitors from different sources and how to multiply blog income really quick.

Learning these skills was a TURNING POINT in my blogging journey.

With these skills, I increased the content on my blog rapidly and multiplied my traffic that resulted in a huge increase in my blogging income.

To my surprise, no guru reveals these things online and no one is talking about them. These are the most important skills to grow your blog in a really short time and multiply your income.

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Due to these special skills my monthly income turned into my daily income. The amount of income that I was earning monthly earlier, became my daily income now.

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Now, I create blogs, monetize them and sell them for making good money. Trust me, if you know how to do this, you can make a lot of money online doing blogging.

Now, I know a lot about starting a blog and making money from it.

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When I started in 2010, it took me a lot of time to learn all the stuff. I had to learn everything myself because there was nobody to tell me what should I do and how that should be done. I made so many mistakes and I had to waste a lot of time in learning the things myself.

I was alone and helpless, but you are NOT!

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Your regular job won’t help you attain financial freedom because in a job, you earn only when you are working and you can just meet your daily expenses and live a common life.

  • What if you lose your current job or you get retired?
  • What is your second source of income?
  • How would you run your family?
  • How would you secure your future?
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