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From the desk of: Chetan Arora (Blogging & Digital Marketing Coach)
Page Updated: September 29, 2022, 34 minutes ago

Hello Blogpreneur, how are you?

I am Chetan Arora, Blogging and Digital Marketing Coach, since 2010. I am also an Author, Award-Winning Blogger and Founder of BloggingVerve.com

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Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

When I started my online journey in 2010, I was completely clueless. I didn’t know how to start a blog and how to make money through it. I used to work for 8-10 hours a day to establish & monetize my blogs.

But now, after years of hard work, I’ve cracked the code of profitable blogging!

In the last year alone, I made more than a million through blogging & digital marketing only. Now, starting profitable blogs and selling them is just a piece of cake for me!

Today, I am a highly successful blogger and have attained financial freedom at a very early stage.

Now, I work just 2-3 hours a day and the best thing is that I make money even while I am sleeping but when I started in 2010, it took me a lot of time to learn all the stuff. I had to learn everything myself because there was nobody to tell me what should I do and how that should be done.

I was alone and helpless, but you are NOT!

I am with you in your blogging journey and making you successful is now my responsibility!

To make you successful, I have put together my blogging expertise, my blog setup process, themes & plugins I use, blogging tools, resources, traffic secrets, monetization techniques and everything else in this Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) that I am giving away to you absolutely FREE!

Through this Professional Blogging Course, many people have already started blogging and achieved financial freedom in just a few weeks!

Those who started their blogs through this FREE Blogging Course are making money not only through blogging but also through mentoring and selling their coaching programs.

If you are unemployed, doing a regular job or looking for your first job, the best thing you can do, to generate a passive income, is blogging! If you want to fulfill your dreams and attain financial freedom, your regular job is not enough.

Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

You Can’t Attain Financial Freedom Through Your Regular Job

If you think, you can attain financial freedom through your regular 9-5 job then you are completely wrong! A regular 9-5 job won’t let you do anything for yourself due to a busy schedule, everyday meetings, increased timings and over-burden of work. Your regular job won’t help you attain financial freedom because you only earn money till you are working and you can just meet your daily expenses and live a common life.

  • What if you don’t get a job at all?
  • What if you lose your current job or you get retired?
  • What is your second source of income?
  • How would you run your family?
  • How would you secure your future?

Blogging is the only way to generate a second source of income and achieve financial freedom. After starting your blog, you can start earning even more than your regular job in just a few weeks.

Many unemployed persons, job-holders, businessmen, students and housewives have entered into the world of professional blogging through my FREE Blogging Course. Instead of finding a job or doing a 9-5 routine job, it is far better to start with blogging.

People Are Making A Killing Through My “Professional Blogging Course(Free)!

Do you know a lot of people have started their blogs with this Professional Blogging Course (FREE) and are making a killing with it. This Blogging Course contains everything you need to start a blog.

Here you will learn from niche selection to blog setup to monetization i.e. everything about blogging!

Once you’ve launched your blog successfully, there are hundreds of ways to make money.

You can make money by selling advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling your own products, doing mentoring and selling coaching programs etc.

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Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

You Already Tried Starting A Blog, But Failed? Don’t Worry!

You already tried but couldn’t do anything online? No Problem!

The good thing is, if you’ve tried starting a blog earlier then you already know the power of blogging, the income potential in blogging and its ability to change your life.

There might be some reasons why you couldn’t start your own blog in the past:

  • Lack of proper guidance;
  • Lack of knowledge;
  • Lack of tools;
  • Lack of motivation;

Don’t worry! You won’t fail this time, because you will have FREE access to everything now!

This time, you will start your blog with me and I won’t let you fail, this is my personal guarantee!

My FREE Blogging Course (worth $297) contains everything for you and you won’t have to pay even a single penny! I’ve helped many people start blogging and now it is my mission to help people attain financial freedom through blogging!

Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

My Professional Blogging Course Gives You Everything FREE To Start A Profitable Blog!

In my FREE Bloging Course (Worth $297) you get everything you need to start a profitable blog i.e. professional advice, niche selection, blog setup, link building, SEO, traffic generation and monetization techniques.

Here is what you get in this Professional Blogging Course:

Ultimate Guide to Profitable Blogging (worth $97) – FREE!

Learn everything you need to start a profitable blog i.e from niche selection to monetization!

9 Days Blog Training via Email (worth $97) – FREE!

Free blog training including blog setup, link building, SEO, traffic generation and affiliate marketing. Ask any questions you want during this free training!

Successful Blog Launch Checklist and Blogging Tools (worth $67) – FREE!

A very important checklist before you launch your blog plus the best themes, plugins and settings that I use for a great look and optimization.

Lifetime Access to Private Groups on Facebook & Telegram! (worth $36) – FREE!

Join my private blogging community & groups on Facebook and Telegram and meet with other bloggers, discuss blogging and get access to more premium content!

Lifetime Blogging Consultation – FREE!

You get my private email address during this course to contact me and ask questions regarding any aspect of blogging. Lifetime FREE consultation for you…!

Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

Join My Professional Blogging Course (FREE) And Become A Successful Blogger Now!

This Professional Blogging Course – FREE teaches you everything to start your own profitable blog. Here is just a glimpse of what you will learn in this Free Blogging Course:

  • Choosing a Profitable Niche;
  • Getting a FREE domain;
  • Setting up your blog;
  • Link building & SEO;
  • Getting traffic to your blog;
  • Making money through affiliate marketing or selling your own products.

You get complete information about each and every aspect of blogging in this Free Blogging Course (worth $297) – Free for you.

Not only this, 9 days free blog training, blogging tools & unlimited FREE consultation is also included in this blogging course so that you get fully equipped to start your own blog.

Now, nobody can stop you to start your own profitable blog and become a successful blogger.

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Professional Blogging Course (worth $297) 100% FREE !

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