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3 Easy Steps to Find A Niche For Your Blog in 2022

Hi, so you want to start a blog? That’s great!

You must be so excited, right?

I can promise you that after reading this post, you’ll be able to find your niche without any problem and start your own blog immediately. I’ve helped hundreds of people online start their own profitable blogs and soon you are also going to join them.

The very first problem someone faces while thinking about starting a blog is what his/her blog should be all about? You may not be sure what to write about. Even if you’ve a basic idea you don’t know whether that idea would work or not.

Don’t worry! You are not alone. Almost everyone faces this problem before starting a blog.

In this article, I will help you choose a niche to start a profitable blog. I will try to make all technical stuff look simple. It doesn’t matter if you’ve zero niche idea or you’ve hundreds of niche ideas running through your mind. At the end of this article, you would be able to pick up your niche with ease.

So, let’s start!

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What is a niche and why you need it?

A niche means a specific topic you will write about on your blog for example ‘Insurance’. A niche blog is when you write about one topic and that very topic only.

Why you need to select a specific topic only and why you can’t write about everything you are interested in or why your blog can not be about everything, you know.

There is no such rule that one can not write about everything on its blog. You can write about anything you want. But if you write on one specific topic only, then you will get the following benefits:

  • People see you as an authority in that niche;
  • Search engines, like Google, consider your blog niche-specific and you get better rankings;
  • You build a specific kind of audience around your blog and you can monetize in a better way.

Pro Tip:
The best thing about a niche-specific blog is that the posts are related to a specific category only. Your visitors will find the content on the exact topic they are looking for and nothing else.

Lets take an example of starting a blog about ‘Insurance‘.

When you write about insurance only and give insurance-related information only then your blog will become a rich resource for those who want to understand insurance orbuy an insurance policy.

Further, people will see you as an insurance market expert. Search engines, like Google, will see your insurance blog as a great resource and will direct visitors to your blog.

It will not stop here only. As your audience grows they will start asking you about the insurance policies they should buy. They will try to seek your advice for insurance products and will see you as a resource person who can solve their insurance problems.

Now, you can start insurance policies and earn commissions. Moreover, you can also sell your own products like books, courses and consultation etc.

Monetizing a niche blog is easy and conversion rate is high because you are attracting a specific audience that have interest in that specific topic.

So, how do you know which niche is best for you?

Obviously, you want to find the best niche to start a blog.

To find the best niche you need to start with some broad ideas. Just think about the topics you want to write about. In the beginning you may start with 5-6 topics you can write about. Thereafter we will narrow it down to one or two.

It would be a great idea if you write all of your 5-6 topics on a piece of paper and once you’ve done that, we will move further.

If you can’t even think about few topics then use these tips:

  1. Look around the things like TV, Washing machine and mobile phones etc. Can you write about them? If yes, then include them in your list.
  2. Check your bookshelf. Which is your favourite subject and which is your favourite book? Can you also write on that topic?
  3. Which topics you follow online and do they interest you? If yes, do you also have that amount of knowledge to start a blog on those topics?

Now, you’ve a good list of all the topics based upon your interest. This is a broad list and you can’t write on every topic in the list, right?

In case you need help while deciding a niche, then just send me a message. As soon as I get your message, I will help you decide your niche and start your own blog. I strongly suggest that you join my Free Blogging Course (worth $297) here and learn everything about blogging i.e. Niche Selection to Monetization, completely FREE!

Now, it is the time to trim the list down

Check every niche one by one and remove those niches from the list who doens’t match the following criteria

  • The size of the niche should be considerably big ;
  • You must be very passionate to write about that topic;
  • It must have monetization potential.

Any niche having above qualities is your ‘Perfect Niche’.

Now, I will tell you how to check for these factors one by one.

# Checking size of the niche

To get an idea about the size of your niche you need to find out how many people search for the topic you’ve selected for your blog. To do this, you need to perform a specific kind of research. We call it ‘Keyword Research’.

You want to know how many people out there are searching for the topic you want to write about. For example, if you want to write about insurance then you might be interested in knowing how many people search for insurance and what they want to know about insurance.

You not only want to know the estimated number of searches people perform but you also want to know what keywords people are using to get information about insurance. And what they want to know about insurance.

There are so many tools for keyword research but this post is not about keyword research tools, so to keep it short, I am going to discuss just 1-2 tools that are free to use.

The first tool I want to discuss is Google Keyword Tool.

Google Keyword Tool is a really great tool for any niche research. Just go to Google keyword research tool and enter your keyword there. You can either enter your keywords one by one or simply upload a file containing keywords in bulk.

Enter your keyword in the space provided and click save.

Google Keyword Tool will simply add your keywords to the “saved keywords list” and will show you the estimated search volume and level of competition for that keyword. High competition means that keyword will be difficult to rank and low competition will mean the keyword is easy to rank.

Here we are not talking about ranking. We are talking about the niche and trying to get a general idea about the popularity of the niche and the search volume.

If you want to see what other keywords people are using in this niche then you should use either more details like billing details etc. or simply use another tool. is another great tool for keyword research that provides a lot of data about the niche.

I use WordTracker many times to do keyword research. This is really a great tool for keyword research. Simply go to their website and enter your keyword there.

It will not only show you the search volume of your primary keyword but will give you an idea about other related keywords and search volume for those keywords. So, the bigger the volume, the better it is.

But keep in mind that a bigger search volume leads to higher competition. Everyone wants to catch the big fish but if you want to enjoy high traffic then you must be ready for the competition also. If you don’t want to face high competition then you need to decide on a topic that has moderate search volume and moderate competition.

There are few more tools that give you an idea about the competition and other related metrics also e.g. keyword difficulty. You can see in the screenshots above that WordTracker not only shows you the suggestions but also shows volume per keyword. It gives you an estimated number of searches that you may get if you target that niche and more specifically those keywords in your blog.

If you want to get in-depth information about the keyword including the difficulty score as well as which websites are ranking for that keywords then use is the best tool for keyword research. It also gives you some limited number of searches per day, completely FREE but if you want to take full benefit then you need to buy subscription.

After using the above tools, you would know whether your niche has a significant number of searches or not. If your niche has a good amount of keywords with significant search volume then it is good.

Pro Tip:
A high number of searches mean your niche is good enough for starting a blog. If your niche doesn’t have a good number of searches or the volumes are thin, then simply remove that niche from your list and consider another niche.

# Checking your passion for that topic

You can start a blog and make it successful only when you are passionate about it. So ask yourself, are you really passionate about the topic you are thinking about?

You’ve a list of few topics written on a paper. If you think, there are few topics you are not passionate about then simply remove them from the list.

Now, I am going to discourage you a little bit, but I really don’t mean it. I want you to choose that topic only you are really passionate about.

So, you should keep reading patiently 🙂

Ask yourself these questions before you finalize your niche:

  1. Can you keep writing on this topic after the excitement of starting a blog is over;
  2. Can you keep writing on this topic even after 1 month of continuous writing;
  3. Can you keep writing on this topic without getting out of ideas ever?

If the answer to all of the above questions is ‘Yes’, then you found your passion.

There might be two scenarios in this situation:

# Scenario 1:

You feel that you may lose the excitement soon or you know just a little about that topic and are not really excited about it, then it is better that you change the niche.

But wait, there is another scenario also.

# Scenario 2:

You are very much passionate about that topic, but you think, you can not write enough on that topic. Your writing skills are poor or you don’t know how to get the knowledge about that topic etc.

In scenario 1, you should change the topic, but in scenario 2 you only need help with writing. If that is the case then you can hire someone from the websites like Freelancer, Fiverr or Upwork and ask them to write for you.

Freelancers will help you keep putting new content on your blog even when you are out of ideas.

Remember, Money is a great motivator.

Pro Tip:
When you start earning money from your blog you will be full of passion. So, if you are not very much passionate about the niche, in the beginning, but you may become passionate later on when you see the money coming in.

Step 3: Checking Potential for Monetization

People start a blog for so many reasons. Someone may start a blog as a hobby or to prove himself or to tell people about his life or anything like that.

There are so many reasons to start a blog, but the biggest reason for starting a blog is that you want to make money.

After all, who doesn’t like to make money?

So, before finalising your niche it is very much important to find out whether your niche has potential for monetization or not? But how do you check it?

Actually, there is no accurate tool made for this purpose. So, you have to do some kind of research in this area also.

  • Find other blogs in the same niche and see how they are making money;
  • Find videos in the same niche and see what they are selling;
  • Find if there are any courses related to your niche being sold on sites like

But, if you don’t find anything like that it doesn’t mean that you can’t make money.

It is very much possible that you come up with an idea of selling a product in your niche. You might be the first one who is selling a paid product or simply you might be the first one who got the idea of monetizing that niche.

There is always someone doing innovation, right?

To do in-depth research, you can also visit websites like Amazon, ShareAsale, Clickbank or Walmart and see if any products are there in your niche. If they are selling products related to your niche then it is very good for you.

You can also create similar products or simply sell other vendors’ products through affiliate marketing.

Suppose, you start a blog on ‘Gardening’. You found some blogs on gardening and some videos also. But they are not selling any products and they are making money only through ads.

Even, displaying ads is a great way to moentize your blog. But, you can do a lot of more in a niche like ‘Gardening’.

Few great ways to monetize your blog:

  • You can create and sell an ebook;
  • You can create and sell a video course on gardening;
  • You can sell products like fertilizer, pots, gardening tools and seeds etc.
  • You can sign up as an affiliate on websites like Amazon or ShareASale and promote gardening related products on your blog and earn some great commissions.

Pro Tip:
Almost every niche has potential for monetization. It all depends on your creativity and marketing skills. If you’ve people enough interested in your niche then you can always sell something to them.

If you got a topic but you are not sure how to monetize it, then you can contact me and I will help you decide how to monetize your niche.

Final Decision

You started with broad niche ideas and with a list of few topics.

Your job is to analyse every topic on the list with these three steps. You will clearly have a winner and this winner is your perfect niche.

I strongly recommend spending enough time on finding your niche because once you’ve started a blog and wrote some posts then it would be very difficult to change the mindset and the topic as well.

If you chose the wrong niche in the beginning and stopped after some time then you will feel very much discouraged. It will be very difficult to gather same amount of energy to start another blog or doing research on another topic.

So, spend as much time as you want on finalising the niche and after finalisation put all of your energy to make that blog successful because this is the best niche you could work on.

With passion and knowledge, you can establish yourself as an authority in your niche. It will attract readers… a lot of readers. Thereafter, creating and selling useful products to your audience will make your blog a successful venture and a great source of passive income for you.

Have questions? Click here to Send a Message and ask anything about Blogging. I will reply to your message personally and in shortest possible time!

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